What exactly is a 4K TV?

When you are watching movies in theaters, you find the picture to be quite clear and sharp and you get to see even the smallest of details which you may have missed if you were watching the movie at home. The sound is quite intense as well and you may even end up believing that you are right in the middle of the action.

But movie theaters have faced quite stiff competition in the last few years with home theater's getting better and better. TV manufacturers release new TV's every year that try to re-create that theater like experience at home.

This is where we will bring up 4K TV's. Have you heard of them? They use the exact same technology that movie theaters use.

4K basically refers to the pixels in the TV. There are more than 4000 pixels which is the same that you would see at a movie theater and is 4 times as many as you would see on any Full HD TV.


You may have heard of pixels when talking about cameras and this is pretty much the same thing but on a much larger scale. The more the pixels in an image, the clearer it is going to be. Until now, 1080p was the best you could get. But with 4K, you get 4 times as many.

This latest upgrade to 4K technology has given us the opportunity to watch superior 4K movies from the comfort of our homes and are quickly becoming the standard when it comes to home theater systems.

If you are thinking of getting a TV which is at least 55 inches wide then you should go for a 4K TV instead of a regular Full HD TV. You will certainly be able to see the difference in colors and quality. Anything smaller than that and it may not make as much of a difference so you can choose to skip it as well. But if it's more, go for it. It certainly will prove to be better.

There isn't any doubt that our viewing standards keep on rising with the introduction of every new technology and even though there may be some new, better technology that comes out in the future, for now, you should get a 4K TV. So what are you waiting for? Visit 4KTV.com and find out which 4K Ultra HD TV you should buy.